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  1. Has anybody, while drifting off to rest with eyes closed, ever had the sensation of a light (like a flashlight) being shone on their face?
    I haven’t personally but I wouldn’t be amazed if a lot of people have experienced similar issues, it’s known as a hypnagogic
    hallucination. Yes. Too many stupid LEDs in my bedroom.
    I unplug as much as I can, and also have
    coated the rest with black permanent marker

  2. Why perform customs brokers ask in the event that you know anybody here?
    They are receiving a picture of your travel.
    They are trained to create friendly conversation which
    allows them to create a picture of your travel.
    It is better than obtaining electrodes attached to you while they inquire the queries.
    The solution is unimportant as long as it really is true.

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