Volunteer Marshals Needed Please

Not long now before we set fire to that mountain of wood and greenery on the village green to commemorate the

capture of Guy Fawkes at our annual Chiddingfold Bonfire night, and light up the night’s sky with yet another amazing display of fireworks.

Because the event attracts a lot of people, regulations make it essential that we have plenty of people on the night to help walk the torch-light procession, man road blocks and to just mingle in the crowd wearing high visibility jackets.  You can of course still enjoy the display with family and friends as many of the marshalling duties, particularly road blocks, are rostered.

We will be holding the traditional marshals briefing in The Half Crown at 8pm on Thursday 4th November (over a few beers of course!), so please come along if you would like to help with marshalling this great occasion. Alternatively, please contact Steve Baker or Dave Rauch if you would like to get your bids in early.

Please download the Chiddingfold Bonfire Flyer and post it near you – especially if you are in the village and know anyone who would like to help marshall the event.