• 22 September – Tripod goes up
  • 29 September – 9am on Green – building bonfire – all welcome
  • 6 October – No Dumping of any more waste on the green (except Saturday mornings for residents who are constructing the bonfire)
  • 13 October – 9am on Green – building bonfire – all welcome
  • 20 October – 9am on Green – building bonfire – all welcome
  • 27 October – 9am on Green – building bonfire – all welcome
  • 1 November – 8pm Marshals briefing in the Half Crown
  • 3 November – Bonfire Night
  • 4 November – 8am Tidying the Green – Please, please, please come and help

Road Closures, Diversions, Park & Ride and Events programme

  • 2:00pm Final requests for disabled parking. New requests cannot be taken.
  • 3:00pm South side of Village Green (by the Spar and the Chemist) road closes. The bus slip road closes.
  • 5:00pm Stalls open for business.
  • 5:00pm Park & Ride shuttle buses start operating. Please note that once the car parks are full we have no further availability.
  • 5:30pm A283 Petworth Road from the junction with Woodside Road to the Crown closes, traffic diverted along Coxcombe Lane
  • 5:30pm North side of the Village Green from Petworth Road to Pockford Road closes, traffic diverted via Pockford Road / Skinner’s Lane
  • 6:30pm Torches go on sale at St Mary’s School.
  • 7:00pm Procession of 400 torches departs St Mary’s School.
  • 7:30pm (approx) Bonfire set alight.
  • 8:00pm (approx) Fireworks
  • 8:30pm (approx) Grand Draw
  • 9.30pm (approx) Last shuttle bus back to car parks
  • 10:00pm (approx) Roads re-open.

It is NOT possible to let cars through into the closed area after the road blocks are in place and cars should not park in these areas. The only exceptions are for disabled access provided Simon Manuel or Ian Travis have been informed beforehand.

45 Replies to “Times”

  1. Hi, on your times the bonfire says it’s on the 4th but at the top of the page it says Saturday 3rd. What night is the bonfire?

  2. Hi we are coming from Petworth way to the bonfire. Do we still park at the train station and if so what time will we need to be there to avoid the road closures

    1. Hi,

      You need to be through the village by 5:25 to ensure that you miss the road closures. After that time you are likely to require the diversion around the village. Hope that you have a great time!

  3. I’ve not been to Chiddingfold’s bonfire before, but wanted a more traditional event – what sort of stalls will you have? Just so I bring plenty of cash 🙂

  4. Hi Bruce, I know the shuttle starts running at 5pm from Witley station and ‘will run until the car park is full’ but could you tell me roughly what time you anticipate this to be- i.e. Will they stop at 5.15 or more likely to run till say 6.30? We’ll be in quite a big group with young children and don’t want to go down too early and have 3 hours of waiting with them in the cold. Thanks so much

    1. Hi Liz,

      The busses will keep going in rotation until the evening is over. You won’t get stranded. We have lots of people still arriving at 6:30.


  5. Hi, can you tell me who is running the park & ride bus this year? Can I use my stagecoach megarider or is the £2 adult fare a flat fare? Thanks

    1. Hi Kevin – it’s being run by Hoppa. I am sorry that Stagecoach Megarider will not be accepted. I hope that you enjoy the evening.

  6. Have not been before is there an entrance charge to see the fireworks?

    Are there long queues for the park and ride buses both to and from the event to Witley Station?

    1. There will be collection buckets on the night. Please give generously all proceeds go towards the fireworks, local charities and aid to the elderly of the village. Volunteers give their time for free.

      The queues for the buses should not be too bad as there are lots of buses. Stay after the show for a beer or to see if you’ve won the Grand Draw (top gear tickets) and you’ll miss the queues.


  7. Have not been before is the only charge for the park and ride bus or do you have to pay to see the fireworks also?

    Are there very long queues to catch the park and ride buses both to and after the event?

  8. Will the buses be running normally from Haslemere to Chiddingfold? We want to catch a bus and arrive in Chiddingfold at about 7pm. Is that possible?

      1. What bus number do you have to catch from Haslemere, and which stop is it the one at the top of town or outside the hotel??

        1. Hi Amber. I am sorry but I don’t knnow the answer to that question. I know that Stagecoach has some online timetables but I am struggling to reach them from my current location on a business trip in America. If you take the train to Witley station it will join up with a bus to take you to the green. That might be a better option. I hope you enjoy the evening. Bruce (webmaster)

  9. Hi were coming on the 8th from chichester where should we park and how do we get to the field from parking if you can let me know places to be will be great thanks

  10. Good morning,
    Me and the family love coming to the bonfire night and is an annual tradition but could you advise me to the safety conditions this year as last year’s bonfire was quite dangerous due to high winds etc and the fire getting out of control? Many thanks

    1. Hi,
      The very strong gust from last year was unexpected and the first time we had seen such an event. Our marshals were positioned around the bonfire and no-one was injured because of the space we always allow within the roped off area around the bonfire. We are, though, taking steps this year to increase the size of the roped area behind which the public are asked to stand to provide a bigger safety area, and we are adding an additional exit gate to enable our marshals to move visitors back behind the safety rope even more swiftly once the torches have lit the fire. We are encouraged by the way that members of the public listen to and respond to instructions from our marshals each year and we always review our safety procedures prior to the next years’ event. I hope this answers your concerns.

    1. There is only one recommended parking and that’s at Witley station. There will be traffic cones on the southerly approach to the village to prevent parking. This is for the safety of pedestrians and also to prevent damage to parked cars on the narrow main road. Please park at Witley station.

  11. hi there
    can you tell me if there are any disabled parking spaces nearby as i am coming to the display for the first time from west molesey surrey near hampton court my son is disabled and is a adult
    mmany thanks

    1. There are disabled spots available. Please use the contact form to provide your name, registration, make & model of car and we’ll reserve you a slot. Please note that you should arrive before 6:45 for safety reasons.


  12. Will the chestnut stall be back this year? It’s been hugely missed by our family in recent years. Also will the fairground rides be allowed to continue playing their music during the fireworks this year? It really detracts from the impact of the fireworks with it going on in the background!

    Looking forward to another fab event this year!

    1. Sorry – no chestnut stall this year, but there will be other new foods available – check back on the site at the end of October for details!

    1. There is only one official parking place and that is at Witley station. All other locations have proven to be less safe in previous years.

  13. Hi i was wondering whether it is walkable from the bonfire site to Witley staion. As well, are there buses from Witley station to chiddingfold bonfire before it starts?.

    1. The walk back to the station is about 30-50 minutes along a busy unlit road. There is a pavement, but we don’t recommend it. The only buses from Witley station to the bonfire are the park and ride ones.

  14. There will be lots of food stalls. There are some that contribute to local organisations such as the Scouts Burger and Hot Dog stand. There are others that are commercial. Either way, you won’t go hungry or thirsty!

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