Helping Hands

22 April 2020

Fresh food deliveries in Chiddingfold during the coronavirus lock-down.

We are helping Farncombe Fresh Food Wholesalers aka to provide fresh fruit and veg box deliveries to Chiddingfold.

Order deadline Noon on Monday collect the following Wednesday drive-through at the Catholic Church on Woodside Road. No delivery charge!

PLEASE: bring a box or a shopping bag, so if we run out of boxes your produce can be transferred into it. Leave it in the boot of your car. Thank you!

Here are the details - also on Facebook Chiddingfold Community Page. If you cannot collect, let us know on Facebook or the NextDoor App; we will aim to find a way to help you out!

Fresh fruit and vegetable boxes to Chiddingfold residents.

  1. Contact 3FW to place your order on their site. The online form is available between 9am & 3pm each day. Pay on line direct with 3FW. No delivery charge!
  2. The orders will be collated and dispatched to the village on Wednesday.
  3. No Contact collection from St.Teresa’s Church on Woodside Road - please stay in your car.
  4. Starting at 12 noon., members of the Chiddingfold Bonfire Helping Hands Crew will be waiting and help with your drive-through collection service.

Orders have a number allocated by 3FW. Your pick up slot time will normally be 12 noon plus your number: if your number is 15, then please aim to collect at 1215. Please bring a bag or a box and leave it in the boot of your car.

If you are unable to pick up, we can arrange to deliver. Please bear in mind we are all volunteers so this really must be to those who are isolated and can’t travel.

Normally, 3FW supply local pubs and restaurants, but of course, they are all closed at the moment. Instead, residents can order fresh fruit and veg boxes directly from Because we are combining orders, there is no delivery charge.

3FW are villagers and have taken on additional staff to support us, so let’s support them. Phone and get your orders in!

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