Procession & Food

Torchlight procession

There are 400 wax candle torches sold on a first come first served basis at £6 each. The torches are sold by members of the Committee from the local school in an unlit form. This process is strictly supervised and sales are only made to adults (those over 18), it is made clear at the time that adults must ensure that small children are not allowed to carry the torches. The public are asked to queue orderly where the money is passed over for the torches and the torches are then lit outside the waiting area, again under the supervision of a marshal Warning and Safety Notices are displayed at the point of sale. Please follow these instructions to prevent accidents.

Once all the torches have been handed out and lit, the procession is led by a mobile p.a system along the road system and onto the village green where the torch carriers are marshalled around the exterior of the exclusion zone (roped off area) until all members of the torch procession are around the fire. At that time the fire is lit with the torches and once again the torch bearers are marshalled away from the area using three metre wide exit zones which are moveable based upon the wind direction. After the fire has been lit the exclusion zone remains in place and is marshalled at all times to ensure that no member of the public will go inside the zone.

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