Parking for the bonfireI

f you are driving to the Chiddingfold Bonfire, please park at Witley station and use the bus service that will drop you off at the Catholic Church. Please pay the bus driver when boarding. There will be no parking in the village under any circumstancesTHERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS. You will not be allowed through the road blocks under any circumstances so please do not beg with our volunteers on the road blocks. Please try to avoid driving through the village during the bonfire. It gets very busy and you will not be allowed to stop. The road blocks will be in force according to the usual schedule. Disabled access may be provided at our discretion, but only if you contact us in advance.


The Bus service will run from Witley station to The Catholic Church (junction of the A283 and Woodside Road). It doesn’t matter whether you arrived by car, train, foot or helicopter – the price is the same. Please pay on the bus. The bus schedule changes a little each year and nominally runs from 5pm through to 9:30pm with a bus every 20 minutes or so. More accurate information maybe available for this year on the dates and times page. If you have comments on the bus service after the event, please contact us.

Disabled Parking

If you Contact Us in advance, then you will be able to use the disabled parking facility on the green. You must approach the green from the East on Pickhurst Road or Pockford Road to use this facility.

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    1. There is only one car park which is at Witley Station. Please use that car park because parking on the verge south of the village is very, very dangerous. The road will be coned off.

    1. Hi Krystle,
      I am afraid that the volunteer stalls are unable to provide and hot vegetarian food this year. There are a number of commercial vans who have done so in the past, but I am unable to guarantee they will do so this year.

  1. Dear Chiddingfold Fireworks,
    I normally book a table at The Crown but have not had luck this year as it is fully booked. I will be driving so i guess will have to use the park and ride.
    Please can you let me know whether there are food stalls on the Green as i need to make planes for dinner elsewhere if there is no food available to purchase at the time.

    1. There will be ample food and drinks available in the various tents on the green. There will also be a grand draw with tickets on sale supporting our charities.

      We hope you have a great evening.

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